Thursday, March 31, 2011

Astral Chaos

Excerpt from the public response of the 147th Elder of the Order of the Tesseract to the publication of a newsgrid advertisement for a weekend course in Astral Travel:

Beyond the reach of Time and Space, the undying worlds arise. Undying, unborn, infinite and yet without extent, ever they arise, and ever they fall, vanishing even as they emerge, emerging even as they fade away, for time has no grasp, space no expanse, order no scaffold on which to build. The Immortal realms are not places of timeless order and perfect beauty, as many speculate. Rather, they are as many imagine them. Do I contradict myself? Is this confusion, or worse, madness? No, far from it. The reality is just as I say; ignore it at your peril. If I cannot prevail upon you to heed my words, perhaps those of my predecessor, who saw two-thirds of the candidates to our Order lost to those realms, will suffice:

All things that they contain are one, no "yet to be" and no "long done", all times, all places, forms, and spaces: the one who travels there embraces all at once, or else erases all the self. Like spirit traces, the myriad ejections and detections, connections and projections of ten trillion million minds combine; all that has been, all that will be, all we hold, and love, and flee, all horror and all beauty fused, all logic bent, reason bemused, the distant future and the past, present - an eternal blink, in singularity made fast; all we dream, and all we think, have thought, the swirl of mind and soul, is not completely under our control - it's fraught with currents from the timeless lands, but almost no one understands.


This short piece wears a number of different hats: it is a little bit of Nine Worlds mythological and historical development, it is the "A" entry for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge that I am not yet certain that I am actually participating in, and it is a response to one of the Creative Prompts over at The Burning Zeppelin Experience. (Many thanks are due to Old School Heretic for the great links!)

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