Monday, March 21, 2011

Expansion joints: part 4: "Rogue"

This series of posts consists of responses to the "Expanders!" micro-fiction challenges over at Porky's Expanse!.

Feel free to use any of the posts tagged as Expansion Joints in an epos.

Here is my response to the March 20th, 2011 challenge:


Was Sommers mad?

Seemed said "Airlock seals sabotaged."

Must ask...


"Rogue elephants!"


  1. We get a lot in there. The name "Sommers", the words "report" and "airlock" and the mention of elephants bring together very different sets of associations. In something this short every word counts of course, and this exemplifies the idea. As ever, more than one interpretation is possible, and the re-reads are rewarding.

  2. I like it, you've done a lot in 15 words, so well done!

  3. Many thanks, Porky, and Jim, for the kind words. I'm really enjoying these projects, and I'm beyond glad when someone else enjoys the results.

  4. You're no stranger to wordplay Jennie, some good stuff!

    Like the blog too,I'll be lurking and commenting here ;-)

  5. Thanks, Andy. It's great to have you here!