Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pathfinders: What's cooking? (Porky's Fantasy Blogwalk)

The door flies open, revealing an athletic, dark-haired woman in a flour-dusted red, white, and blue apron wielding a wooden spoon in one hand and a large chef's knife in the other. The tiara and heavy bracelets she wears, encrusted with what appear to be spatters of flour and molasses, are oddly out of place with the rest of her garb, which seems more suited to humble housewife than princess or noble. The kitchen behind her is cluttered with innumerable dishes in various stages of completion. The mat lies rumpled on the floor beside her, twitching and growling, seeming to advance and then retreat at irregular intervals. She looks you up and down imperiously. From beneath arched brows, she asks, as if talking to an errant child, "Well, what are you waiting for? Come in. You're late."

Do you:

Follow her inside?

Try to explain that you are not who she is expecting?


Flee back down the corridor?

This post is part of Porky's Fantasy Blogwalk, a collaborative cross-blog Choose Your Own Adventure narrative. If you have an idea for what comes before, write it, post it on your blog, and link to this post in one of your action options. If you have an idea for what happens next with one or more of the options (or if you have an idea for what happens with another action not yet listed) write it up and leave the link in the comments here. I will add the link to the appropriate option. Be sure to check out some of the other paths.

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