Friday, April 1, 2011

Flash Fearsday: Number of the Beast

She sighed with relief, the assassin unmasked, but with 140 characters, could she be certain only one was evil? At least one was a cipher...


This is my response to the March 31st, 2011 Flash Fearsday exercise over at Porky's Expanse!, or possibly over at Lunching on Lamias, (I am playing a little with the concept of linear time, responding to things which haven't yet appeared!) which challenges you to write a short story in exactly 140 characters.


  1. Interesting, very interesting. If C'nor doesn't post, will this create a space-time rift? I may have to step in to save the universe.

  2. Sorry about that - I spaced it yesterday. I haven't been feeling great. I'll try and put up a Flash Fearsday post today.

  3. @ Cnor - I hope you feel better soon. I'm enjoying the continuing story.

    @Porky - Your willingness to save the universe on short notice is commendable! May I add you to my "people to contact in the event the universe needs saving" list?