Friday, April 12, 2013

Flash Fearsday / J is for Joker

Some call me a wild card.
Others say I'm two-dimensional, a caricature.
Flat affect? Ha! See me laughing?
Be glad they make me wear bells.


Flash Fearsday is a 140-character (or, for the long-winded and Twitterless, 140-word) microfiction horror challenge, hosted here on Nine Worlds, Ten Thousand Things within four days (one way or the other) from a Thursday. Anyone can play. Line breaks count as one character. Feel free to link to your entry or post it directly in the comments.


  1. Good fantasy here. It suggests a darker, more maniacal take on the idea than Alice in Wonderland for example, with weirder rules and deeper shadows, but a restraint and even warmth too. Which could be to say it's as hard as diamond, but doesn't club the reader over the head with it, and may well have heart in spades.

  2. For some reason I started thinking about Flatland when I read your post, and how (a) Joker would look/behave therein: to him everyone around must look very one-dimensional, not able to understand his nature.

    Haven't written a Flash Fearsday for a while, but here's my entry:

    Yes, yes, too many points on those curves, dear. We definitely need to straighten you out, but the knife will take care of that, Ms. Bézier.

  3. I forgot to leave mine again.

    He plays the last card. The tarot speak. Say: "Man, surface, device."

    They know what they know.

    He hears not, for he looks. They know, but not this.

    Man. Surface. Device.

    @ Jensan - I think you've done something very useful there, even beyond the narrative and the structure and tone. Analogies need to move with the times, and you've suggested one, and maybe a whole set in the wider range of methods in current software, that could work very well nowadays in communicating and understanding these ideas, or seeing them differently.

  4. @Jensan, this is a pointed response that approaches the story arc from an unusual angle, taking it off on a tangent I hadn't anticipated. A round of applause is in order.

    @Porky, I love it. This one is the real deal.