Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pathfinders: Out On A Limb ( Porky's Fantasy Blogwalk)

Refreshed now, you feel the urge to explore the tree further. Everywhere you turn, your senses are soothed and delighted. The softly luminescent leaves release a sweet, spicy scent that is both calming and invigorating. The bark on the younger limbs here is smooth without being slippery, and you are able to move easily through the broad canopy of the tree, almost without thinking. The sense of belonging and well-being that you began to feel earlier is deepening, and it seems you can hardly imagine wanting to be anywhere else. As you follow intricate, interlacing natural paths through the immense span of the branches, drinking in the beauty of the foliage, immersing yourself in the half-seen patterns all around you, you notice small clusters of soft, silvery berries scattered here and there among the leaves. You can't quite tell whether they are growing from the tree itself or from the numerous small vines that trail along the branches here. You are suddenly aware that it has been hours since you have eaten.

Do you:

Keep exploring?

Sample the berries?Blog one

Look for a bird's nest in hopes of finding some eggs? Blog One

Return to the area where you rested before? Blog One

Go down the tree? Blog One

This post is part of Porky's Fantasy Blogwalk, a collaborative cross-blog Choose Your Own Adventure narrative. If you have an idea for what comes before, write it, post it on your blog, and link to this post in one of your action options. If you have an idea for what happens next with one or more of the options (or if you have an idea for what happens with another action not yet listed) write it up and leave the link in the comments here. I will add the link to the appropriate option. Be sure to check out some of the other paths.


  1. You've been bold here taking this on, and it works for me. I like how you develop C'nor's thinking and keep the focus on the near. New options too, all of which could bring interesting new ideas into play.

    The option for returning to where we rested might need looking at. The scene at C'nor's assumes we've just climbed the tree so it may be worth writing a shorter version with the same options but the assumption we are returning from the wider canopy to the trunk. C'nor might want to do this, but you are welcome of course too, and I'd be glad to do it too. I'll hold off for now though, and put up a different scene up a little later, an overlaid path along the stream.

  2. Mmm, berries:

  3. The return option is fixed and the new links are added!

  4. Eggs over easy?