Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flash Fearsday: Nightmares

Nightmares again! Eyes straining, wide open in the dark, she listens for his breathing. There, beside her...steady, deep, regular - not his!


This is my response to the March 17th, 2011 Flash Fearsday exercise over at Porky's Expanse!, which challenges you to write a short story in exactly 140 characters.


  1. Night terrors indeed. The false sense of security increasing the shock is very well done, all the more so for the familiarity, or domesticity, and so the ability of the reader to comprehend.

  2. Thanks! I greatly appreciate that you comment on what you get out of a story, what you find effective or ineffective, startling, or intriguing, engaging or confusing, no matter how short the work, instead of giving a generic "I like it!" or "I don't like it."