Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Myth-marked Merchandising: Twilight

This is a new series of writing prompts, inspired by some comments over at Porky's Expanse. The idea is to confound expectations and transcend genre, giving people who are looking for something else entirely a (hopefully pleasant) surprise.

Or it might just be a shameless experiment at driving traffic. Let me know how it works out.

On to this week's prompt:

Myth-marked Merchandising #1- Twilight

Write a poem or piece of very short fiction (500 words or less) that is *not* a vampire or werewolf piece that uses at least seven of the following words or phrases (bonus points for using all of them):

new moon
breaking dawn

Post your response in the comments or post a link in the comments here directly to your response on your blog.

Have fun!


  1. Count me in!

    My offering is here

    I'll be storing them as archives as we go along here

    This could be really good and I'm looking forwards to seeing what y'all come up with!

  2. Short fiction...

    In the twilight of a new moon eclipsed by the breaking dawn, the bloodlust of a fanged sparkle was directed at the swan phoenix in her bestial transformation.

    I should probably hide in the corner...


  3. Short fiction:

    The twilight eclipse triggered a bestial transformation in the fanged phoenix, rousing a bloodlust never before seen in his kind.

    As they watched the breaking dawn sparkle off the swan statue, the phoenix descended. The last one had just enough time to see that the bird's teeth were shaped like the new moon before having his throat torn out.

  4. Short fiction again:

    "Twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, bloodlust, fanged, sparkle, swan, phoenix, bestial, transformation". She wondered what idiot had decided to use these as advertising keywords for a book about entomology.

  5. @Arlequin, Excellent use of the prompt, and quickly, too! I'm impressed.

  6. @C'nor - Two very different moods...I like them both.

  7. @Jennie - please, continue to keep stroking my ego :)

    @C'nor and CK - Clever but you've left me feeling like the kid who's overdone his home work assignment and is going to 'get it' at recess!

  8. Arlequin - ...that would be me so you are safe for now!

    C'nor - I'm going to attempt another but I'm just a bit tired from a 53 hour week. Love your work and quick too!

    Jennie - Run away! Run away!...

  9. Here's mine. I think I may have worked too hard on my homework too! It was fun though. I'm keen for the next one now.

  10. @James S - Stunningly beautiful. Bravo!

  11. In the twilight of a new moon night
    I wait for the darkness. An eclipse of my soul
    in bloodlust, in waiting, in transformation
    as the fanged darkness transforms to the breaking.

    Dawn sparkles. A phoenix of the prior day
    born from the bestial dreams of the night,
    the ugly duckling become a swan.

  12. @Adamus - It's always a treat to read what you write. Thank you for joining in!

  13. @Adamus- Please, write as many as you'd like! We'll read them all.

  14. I get extra points? For using all the words and even using them in order, right?

  15. @Adamus - Not only do you get bonus bonus points, you are now a member of The Order of The Order.

  16. Let's not neglect Porky's excellent entry here.