Wednesday, April 13, 2011

J is for Jakkar

No one forgets their first sight of the Jakkar Instability, or of the Gates that surround it .


The word, or one like it, is in every report about the Instability filed by new Journeyers, in every private log entry as yet revealed, in every language spoken on the Nine Worlds. Hard to call it anything else. Certainly not "functional", although the Instability and the Gates are certainly that, at least as far as the term goes.

The jumble of angular shapes, some bright metal, some matte black synthetics interspersed with fluorescent swathes of flexible radiation sheeting, the garish patterning spiking up-spectrum and trailing back down as the plasma waves splash over and around the access points, conspires to initially direct the novice's eye away from the warping pulsations and comparatively subtle distortions that mark the boundaries of the Instability itself, the fortuitously-located natural gravitational anomaly that comprises the core of the teleportal monopoly of the Jakkar.

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