Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Usual

This is my response to this week's Poetry Potluck, which I discovered thanks to a link over at Porky's Expanse!. The theme for the week is "Muse, Art, Music and Poetry"

The Usual Muse

Within the ordinary things we find
a fire that, once seen, will spark the mind,
illuminate extraordinary roads
that cross in unexpected ways, form nodes
which link bright worlds within to anchors of
substantial form. Our senses fall in love,
and through them, born of our delight, we share
the flame, ignite another when we dare
express the wonder in a common stone,
the way the sand-smoothed, tumbled surface shone
beneath the flashlight's beam, a moon touched by
some alien gleam, refracting through a sky
half-framed by grass along the path. Strange dreams,
awoken by the real, reveal what seems
for what it is: the every-day surreal.


  1. Wonderful expression of this we do... touching upon the hearts of others.

  2. muses are fire indeed,
    keep your fire burning.

    Thanks for the contribution.


  3. awesome poem!
    Great meeting you through the A-Z :)


  4. Usually not a reply
    Suppose I will try
    Utterley impossible
    After all I'm intollerable
    Let's see...

    Unusal I say
    Striking my clay
    At the parts of my brain
    Under stress like a train
    Let's see...

    Uncontestable now
    So a ryhme I did, How?
    Uttering a whimsical reply
    A god-awful try?
    Let's see...

    Utimatley a noob
    Some call me a boob
    Understand this cornered nerd
    A part of the herd
    Let's see...

    Usual the word
    So you made it heard
    Unlike I have read
    A pleasure, not dread
    Let's see...

    Utter not a sound
    Simply wait till next round
    Uncontrollable the wait
    Another week, don't be late
    Let us wait and see...


  5. Captain Kellen,
    Thanks for a most unusual reply. I'm glad you're having fun here!

  6. hmmmm sweet inspiration. I enjoyed the wording and flow. Enjoy the potluck!