Sunday, April 7, 2013

F is for Flash Fearsday

Revolutionary thoughts?
Patently inadequate.
Ultimately, successful execution seems essential for getting ahead.
Madame Guillotine concurs.

Flash Fearsday is a 140-character (or, for the long-winded and Twitterless, 140-word) microfiction horror challenge. I don't know where it is officially being hosted these days, but it will be here, if nowhere else.


  1. Hello! I'm all but rubbing my eyes in disbelief. C'nor did post again a few days back, but I'm also not sure where it is officially these days. With any and all I think - this means it's been hosted by all three of us now.

    And this is clever and fun, to the extent that it can be of course, which is to say very much in the right neck of the woods. You've not only got the drop on us but gone for the jugular with it.

    I'll have a think and post something. We'll see if I'm as sharp...

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