Monday, January 9, 2012

Expansion Joints, part 38: Continuing Resolution

"It took all our resolve to resolve this once. Now it's recurred."

"So? Re-solve it."


This is my ontribution to part 38 of the Expansion Joints Challenge.


  1. You could start a whole new approach with that - as many senses as possible in the one entry. You've set the ball rolling in fine style with three. It will depend on the word, but I'd say four is doable. We'll see.

  2. @Porky - You're right, you can shoehorn one more in. I don't think the narrative rhythm is quite as good with this version, though.

    "It took all our resolve to resolve this once. It's recurred."

    "Resolve to re-solve it."

  3. I meant more generally only, depending on the word for the week, but I didn't make that very clear. You don't shirk a challenge though, and there's the four. Yikes. The question now is can we go to five with a future word, and can I even match four? And I wonder how many words could possibly repeat in a 15-word narrative written at this point in time, in the English language as a whole? Oh the gauntlets to throw down and gauntlets to run...