Monday, December 26, 2011

Expansion Joints, part 37: "Present"

On Delivering Christmas Cards and Stockings

There's no time like the
present day for having a
run in a red suit.


This is my response to part 37 of the Expansion Joints Challenge, Poetry Potluck's Christmas Special, and The Purple Treehouse's Haiku challenge. I hope you enjoy the puns, and the deliberate ambiguity of leaving out any commas in the title, as well as the haiku itself. The syllable count is right, at least, even if the form isn't quite up to classical standards. The inspiration is drawn in part from the wonderful Porky's Expanse! post on dissociative Santa analogues in alternate universes. The sentiments in the poem are all something they could agree on, I'd wager.


  1. lol, a run, fun :)
    happy gooseberry day!!!

  2. Love it!

  3. cool take.
    Glad to see you share at the purple tree house.

  4. Genius. I was shocked to find this here, and shocked again a couple of times by just what you've done. Wowee. I'm glad you like the Santa idea - you've got the mood down pat.