Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sorry for the silence...

The "word of the week" posts for the Expansion Joints Challenge are three weeks behind at this point, not by choice. I have been working on them in my sparse free moments, and will hopefully get the full posts up, complete with links, sometime in the near future. If anyone wants to get a head start, (or, at least catch up on this project ahead of me), the words are (Were? Will be?) plague, beat, and pin. All of which should give you a good idea of how the past month has gone...


  1. I missed this first time round, but that's not all I've missed - it's good to be back here reading something you've witten. Hopefully it's only a lack of time that's the trouble, but there is no urgency of course - we can wait. If I don't hear soon I'll have a go at the three, as a kind of invocation. Take care for now.

  2. I really haven't forgotten. Here's one of them.

    No Skyrim till you've beat your homework, young man! The world of make-believe comes first.