Sunday, September 25, 2011

Expansion Joints Challenge, part 29: "Fall"

When this exercise was hosted over at Porky's Expanse!, he always chose the word for the Expanders! challenge based on some relevant happening or theme. It has been a hectic few days at home for me (hence being delayed in getting this up), with several incidents in which family members took tumbles and actually sustained some minor injuries, but an unexpectedly less busy time at work, where my appointment numbers dropped off significantly for no readily apparent reason. The equinox arrived Friday, a planetary event on a scale to put such things back into perspective, ending the southern hemisphere's winter and moving the northern hemisphere, where I reside, into autumn. Its arrival was heralded by declining temperatures, with highs that this week have been reliably below 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time since May. And then there's this. It should come as no surprise, then, that the word of the week is "fall".

If you aren't familiar with the Expansion Joints project, it all began over at Porky's Expanse!.

The rules are just as they are described over at Porky's: as much narrative as you can cram into fifteen words, one of which must be the word of the week.

This can take the form of

1. An epyllion,or litle epic, a stand-alone fifteen-word narrative, or

2. An epos, or 'epic'. Instead of an independent 15-word story, you can choose to develop someone else's story from a previous week, or extend your own story from week to week. Just write the next installment. If it has 15 words, uses the word of the week, and continues the story, you've done it.

There are two important things to think about if you choose epos. First, you should have the permission of the person who wrote the story you will develop. If anyone writes a 15-word epyllion or adds to an epos and is happy for others to develop it later, please say so, with something like 'for use in an epos'. Second, by using specific elements of someone else's story, we technically create a derivative work, so it's best to avoid this.

There are a number of generous contributors who have given express permission to use some of their writing as the basis for epos:

Porky, the founder of the project, offers up all of his contributions.

GDMNW has opened up the three stories here.

Dave G_Nplusplus makes any of his Expanders! stories available for use in an epos.

Arlequin has an epos running on his Expanders! page, and he has graciously extended permission to play with any or all of the contributions there.

Andy, over at The Creepy Corridor, has also made his epos posts available for expansion.

C'nor, at Lunching on Lamias, gives consent to use any of his entries, which are partly located on his blog, but mostly strewn throughout the comment threads here.

And, as always, feel free to use any of the stories on this blog that are tagged as "Expansion Joints" in an epos.

Words that have previously made an appearance in an Expanders!/Expansion Joints include: food, fort, stuff, elf, rogue, pass, fool, hammer, note, temper, table, twisted, missing, sacrifice, spirit, rush, tie, line, free, break, cut, opening, close, shock, balance, field, blow, file, and die, in case you are of an historical bent, or wish to write a complete set.

When you've finished writing your entry for this week, either post your 15-word story directly in the comments here, or leave a link in the comments to the blog page where we can find it.


  1. Very apt, describes the season very well in comparison to 'Autumn'. Well if my 'leaves' fall their regeneration will come far sooner than ours.

    I've gone for;

    If you should fall? Well that was it, there was no chance of a rescue.

  2. @Arlequin,

    Once again, integrating the word seamlessly into the ongoing narrative. Great job!

    Mine for this week are here and here.

    The second is also an entry for Flash Fearsday.

  3. Fall? That was the season when I died, cast down by the marsh-riders of Taermlin.

    How far is it that they managed to fall, since banning mages? I don't know.


    Fall, queen of the Undwellers. Drown in your oceans, and twist our people no more.


    Watch leaves fall, as we walk. Miss the flash; if it mattered, it's too late.

    Then she starts to fall, a tiny hole through her skull. Turn to see them.

  4. A delightful entry from Porky is here.

    @C'nor: Is that last pair related to your narrative here? It ties in beautifully, if so. All of them are up to your usual evocative standards.

  5. You beat me to it again - thanks very much. I'm lucky enough to have a reminder of EJ in FF, and FF in EJ.

    @ Arlequín - Always so smooth. Nothing seems to knock that consistent style out of kilter.

    @ C'nor - That's a creative energy there. More lunches!