Monday, May 23, 2011

Flash Fearsday / Expansion Joints: part 12, "Missing"

This is my response to the May 19th, 2011 Flash Fearsday exercise over at Lunching on Lamias, which challenges you to write a horror story in exactly 140 characters, and my response to this week's Expansion Joints Challenge. I'm following Porky's lead, and making my writing pull double duty this week.

Zombies again, but from a little different perspective.


"Post-traumatic catatonia?"
"Really, what's worse than shooting your zombie wife?"
The psychiatrist shuddered.


  1. I laughed... Well done!

  2. Me too, and I echo that well done - every base covered.

  3. He he he...

    Missing the chance to speak earlier, he quietly answered the 'shooting' question. Your Zombie mother-in-law?

    I'll be in the corner on high alert for zombies...


  4. @Captain Kellen - Now that's horrifying! Make sure you have your CDC-Approved Zombie Apocalypse Kit with you in the corner, just in case.