Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Introduction to the Nine Worlds: Anubis

Anubis floats, desolate, in the far reaches of the Nine Worlds. At first glance, the surface shows little evidence that sentient life has ever encountered this place, and its airless face offers no hint of welcome to the casual observer. A more-than-cursory look by a careful visitor reveals a hint of the planet's secrets, however: what appears to the untutored eye to be a crater surrounded by volcanic deposits is actually an engineered tunnel mouth, entrance to a warren of sub-surface excavations, marked with a stark orange blaze, visible even from high orbital range.

Anubis is, without question, the most powerful of the Nine Worlds. Not due its rich natural resources - the minerals found here are common in more hospitable, easier to access places closer to trade routes - and not for its engineering and manufacturing , which is minimal, used only to maintain and supply the tunnels and ports that make this bitter world habitable, and not even for its production of foodstuffs, which, restricted to synthetics and hydroponics as it must be, is barely sufficient to supply the needs of the local population. Anubis's power lies in its position as the seat of the federal interplanetary court system of the Nine Worlds.

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  1. The image of Anubis shown here bears a remarkable resemblance to an image of Io from the NASA Solar System exploration website:

    Many thanks for the pic!